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Now is the time to go solar!

Save MORE with Solar

No doubt you've heard the news:  renewable energy is not only smart, now it's even more affordable than ever.  With the recent passing of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, homeowners now get a whopping 30% Federal Tax Credit on all solar installations.  That can equate to thousands of dollars in savings! 


At Renew Solar Group we're empowering our local community to thrive in this global shift to sustainable energy.  Not only can we help you save you thousands of dollars on your electric bill, but we can show you how solar can increase your home's value and create real wealth for yourself and our environment.

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Find the Right System for Your Needs & Budget

There are quite a few solar companies out there today.  You might have had a few visits from door-to-door sales reps trying to talk you into going with their company over the competition.  Everyone says they're the cheapest and the best... but who can you trust?

Renew Solar Group is much more than just another solar company.  We are solar brokers, meaning that we represent the best solar companies in America.   


Solar is NOT "one size fits all".  Every system is different depending on your home size, location, energy needs, and budget.  We will research the best and and most cost-efficient systems available and let you choose from there.


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Don't take chances - we represent only

The Biggest and the Best

in the Industry

The companies we represent are in the top tier of all solar suppliers and installers in the United States.  Beware of "fly-by-night" solar companies that might go out of business tomorrow.  The  companies we represent are all rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau and receive consistently high reviews.

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We believe each client is a long term partnership

We can't say enough about our positive experience with Renew Solar Group.  Our solar specialist was very knowledgable and researched many companies until he found the best fit for us.  Now we're saving every month on our electric bill and loving life!

Bill and Audrey, Longmont, CO

Renew Solar Group was instrumental in helping me find the right solar company to go with.  The entire process was fast, easy, and headache-free.  I also saved over $6,000 over a competing company's offer, and even more with the tax credits and incentives. Many  thanks to the team at Renew!

  Renew Solar Group did all the research and came up with a very concise estimate of how many panels we needed and what the price would be.  Two years later to our surprise we were transferred and had to move, but our home sold quickly and over market value because we had solar.  We ended up getting solar on our new home too!

Mike D., Arvada, CO

Dennis and Patti, Boulder, CO

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